New Gaming Table

We have built a new gaming table at the studio, we started planning to build it from scratch, but our neighbours just threw out the dinning table and it became the core of our table. We added casters so we could wheel it around the studio and extended it’s size to make a 6×4 foot table, what do you think.

I built the gaming table a few years ago, it’s fit the frame of the table perfectly, now to make a sci-fi apocalypse battlefield.


Starting a city fight battle board

This will be a big project to show off our RuneQuest miniatures, a 2ft square model of a section of a walled town, including a gated wall, temple and various shops and houses.

This is the 2ft board, with a rough sketch marking out the buildings, temple and the town wall. I’ve tried to make plenty of side streets and corners, this will give places for miniatures to find cover and hide in a fight. The board needs to be designed to add story to a skirmish or roleplaying game. I’ve marked drain covers in case players want to sneak into or out of the sewers. You can see a couple of our resin models on the board to help show me the scale and give me an idea of models we already make that could be incorporated in the board.

With the board roughed out, I’ve made a simple 3D model, this helps speed up design and allows me to plan sizes before I start cutting the foam board that I’ll use to make much of the structure. I’ve decided to raise the town wall on a mound of earth to make it imposing, The temple isn’t right yet, it needs shaping and maybe some height adding, so it dominates the town square. I might move the buildings a little way back from the market square, to give me more room for market stalls and miniatures.

I plan to construct a couple of door models and then make moulds and castings so I can duplicate them for the buildings. Some of the buildings will have tiled and thatched roofs, we already make these roofs for our huts, so you’ll be seeing those on the buildings..