New Laser Cutter

Hi, last week we had a new toy, a very lovely Laser Cutter. I have some very strong thoughts on laser cut scenery and I wanted to speak about it here in the blog.

First off I HATE laser cut scenery, for me one of the best part of the hobby is playing with beautiful miniatures and scenery. I know with a little effort you can make laser cut look good and even great by adding extra bits, but so many laser cut buildings seem to just look to me like Lego. When you can still see the pegs and tabs that hold the building together, it breaks the forth wall for me, drags me out of my happy little fantasy worlds!

But we are planning to make laser cut buildings, so what is going to be different, well as we already make a lot of lovely resin scenery, we are planning to make laser cut / resin hybrid models. Where a model needs proper 3D surfaces, we will make them from resin, where surfaces are large and flat, we can’t beat laser cut. If something is round then it needs to be resin, square corners can be laser cut. We are not going to make models with holes and tabs, I don’t think it’s hard to put these models together by gluing edges together, and I suggest superglue over wood glue, as long as your careful it works great and your not waiting hours for it to dry. Pre-painted parts, nope, nope, nope, paint it yourself and have the satisfaction of making the model your own. Teddy bear fur for thatched roof’s, another big nope, resin cast all the way for tiles, thatched and other roofs that aren’t just flat.

Were going to start with some RuneQuest buildings, but we have plans for all sorts of exciting stuff, keep a look out on the blog for more. This is the prototype of a Pavis house, note the resin columns, it will also have other resin bits where needed such as a resin door.



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